Welcome to the Iowa Healthcare Coalition Information Sharing Platform

Service Area 5 Healthcare Coalition (HCC) is a network of health care organizations and partners that are committed to strengthening the health care system for emergencies.  The purpose of the Coalition is to develop a coordinated and effective medical and public health system response to all hazards through effective communication systems and protocols; strategic acquisition and management of resources; and; collaborative prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.  Membership in the Healthcare Coalition is multi-disciplinary and is open to organizations who agree to work collaboratively for the betterment of regional emergency preparedness and response.  Ultimately, this coalition aims to develop capabilities and strategies that help with emergency prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery activities. 


Mission Statement

The Service Area 5 Healthcare Coalition will coordinate and improve the delivery of Healthcare Emergency Response Services by fostering communication between local, regional, and state entities on community-wide emergency planning, response, and recovery; by ensuring overall readiness through coordination of community-wide training and exercises; by promoting preparedness in the Healthcare community through standardization and integration with response partners; and, by active involvement of key agencies.



Enhance emergency preparedness and response capabilities within the jurisdictional boundaries of Service Area 5


Service Area 5 Values

  • Multi-disciplinary, Individual and Collective input from all Stakeholders, Partners, and Members.
  • Collaboration while conducting work and plan development.
  • Utilization of best practices and improvement activities.
  • Integrity, transparency, and volunteerism.
  • Multi-faceted (Local, Regional, State, Federal) team approach to Emergency Preparedness and Response.


Coalition Boundaries

Service Area 5 Healthcare Coalition boundaries are reflective of the daily health care delivery and referral patterns assessed by the Iowa Department of Public Health. The Service Area 5 Healthcare Coalition (referred to as Service Area 5 HCC moving forward) is a group of 16 counties identified by the Iowa Health and Human Services (IHHS), Bureau of EMS (Emergency Medical Service), Trauma, and Preparedness through review of time critical condition Hospital reporting patterns within Iowa’s Healthcare System.  There are 23 Hospitals, 16 Public Health Departments, 140 EMS, and 16 Emergency Management Agencies services that make up this core group.


Motivation for Participation

  • Coordinated Response and Recovery
  • Functional Relationships
  • Access to Subject Matter Expertise
  • Positive Association for Community
  • Assistance with Plan Development
  • Access to Emergency Preparedness and Response Tools/Supplies
  • Enhanced Community Resilience
  • Situational Awareness and Common Operational Picture (Private- Public sectors)
  • Increased Access to Resources: Supplies, Personnel, Services
  • Enhanced Information Sharing and Emergency Public Information and Warning
  • Strategic Planning Process
  • Larger Geographical Reach during a Response
  • Enhanced and more effective All Hazards Planning
  • Coordinated Mass Prophylaxis, Increased Participants for Closed Points of Dispensing