Service Area 5 Healthcare Coalition (HCC) is a network of health care organizations and partners that are committed to strengthening the health care system for emergencies.  The purpose of the Coalition is to develop a coordinated and effective medical and public health system response to all hazards through effective communication systems and protocols; strategic acquisition and management of resources; and; collaborative prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.  Membership in the Healthcare Coalition is multi-disciplinary and is open to organizations who agree to work collaboratively for the betterment of regional emergency preparedness and response.  Ultimately, this coalition aims to develop capabilities and strategies that help with emergency prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery activities. 

Service Area Emergency Notification System

The 5A Service Area Healthcare Coalition is providing this emergency notification service to the public free of charge (normal message fees may apply) to be able to send emergency alerts and notifications as well as utilize the information to plan for disasters.

Why Should I register?

To receive important information from local emergency management officials about evacuation, sheltering, and emergencies in our area.

Will my privacy be protected?

IHC respects your privacy. In a time of disaster, the location of persons with special needs is important for emergency management. If there is a person with a special need at your location, please tell us about their situation by selecting the most appropriate condition(s) below. This information will only be used to insure the most appropriate service in times of crisis. Serving the counties of Jackson, Clinton, Scott, Cedar , Muscatine, Johnson, Washington, Iowa and Keokuk.

Sign up for the Service Area Emergency Notification System

Special Needs Registry

Mission Statement

The Service Area 5 Healthcare Coalition is dedicated to augmenting community resilience through synchronized and affective emergency preparedness activities.  This organization aims to further enhance and strengthen the readiness of the public health and the healthcare delivery system to save lives during emergencies that exceed the day-to-day capacity and capability of the service area. 


HCC Development and Sustainment

Key activities to provide and sustain this healthcare coalition include: fostering communication between local, regional, and state entities on community-wide emergency planning, response, and recovery; coordination of community-wide training and exercise; preparedness promotion in the healthcare community through standardization and integration with response partners; and, active involvement and integration of key agencies.


Enhance emergency preparedness and response capabilities within the jurisdictional boundaries of Service Area 5.

Service Area 5 Values

  • Multi-disciplinary, individual and collective input from all stakeholders, partners, and members.
  • Collaboration while conducting work and plan development.
  • Utilization of best practices and improvement activities.
  • Integrity, transparency, and volunteerism.
  • Multi-faceted (local, regional, state, federal) team approach to emergency preparedness and response.


The Service Area 5 Healthcare Coalition strives to reach full capability by adopting State guided Crisis Standards of Care and the National Standards for State and Local Preparedness Planning, March 2011 and the State and Local Healthcare Preparedness planning guidance for healthcare organizations. By aligning with these guidelines, Service Area 5 Healthcare Coalition will have enhanced capacity to prepare for and respond to events/disasters.